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Design Process

Design Process: Services

Initial contact and first garden visit

Once you have decided that you'd like me to visit you with a view for either developing or designing the garden, I will be in contact to set up an initial visit. 
To contact me you can use the form on this site, email 

Via social media on Facebook or Instagram Or Ring, WhatsApp or Text the number at the bottom of this page. 

This first visit will be a general chat so I can get an idea of what you want and need, depending on the size of the project this usually takes about an hour. 

Site Assessment and Measuring up

After the initial meeting, you will decide whether or not you wish to employ me to work with you on your garden. 
Hopefully you do! 
At this stage I'll set up another visit to start the process, the first thing is to get as many measurements of the space as possible, this can be the whole or part of the garden. 
If needed this can include soil testing. 
Depending on the size of the garden this might need additional help.


Preliminary concept(s)

Once we've discussed the garden, ideas have been noted and the first measurements taken, I will come up with a preliminary concept, quite often more than one idea maybe be put forward. 
These are basic plans to give a good overview of the design, the design that gers your approval will then be refined and moved in to the final masterplan. 

Masterplan and design detail

At this stage the garden design is really refined, scale drawings are produced,  materials chosen, features selected and if needed construction plans drawn up.
The end product could (depending upon the garden) consist of various plans, which may include.  

Overview Masterplan (overhead)

Masterplan (various angles)

Material sheets

Feature sheets 

Construction diagrams

Drainage diagram 

Lighting plan

Once this stage is finalised, you will have plans that the landscapers/builders will be able to use to build the garden.

Design Process: Services
planting plan labled .jpg

Planting Plans

Planting plans can be a part of the overall design of a new garden or used in conjunction with the development of a existing garden.
The Planting plan is drawn up using the knowledge I have gained over the years, right plants of the aspect of the garden, right plants for the style of garden.
I'm known to use plants outside of the common if the garden would benefit and clients are keen.

Project Monitoring & Construction

At the stage where the garden has been designed and ready for the construction phase there are some choices, all of which would have discussed earlier in the process.

1. I have a 'in-house' contractor who are the preferred contractor, they are a independent business and will invoice as such, between us we are always looking for people to add to our list of subcontractors so we can offer the clients the best team and service we can.

2. The client takes the plans and uses them to take on the project themselves,  you might be fully capable of building and planting the garden, of course I can guide you along the way.

3. The client engages the services of builders or landscapers, I will then meet them if needed to discuss the garden and what is required. I'll visit the garden as the work is done to guide the process if needed.

Design Process: Services
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