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Initial Visit

The Initial visit is usually free of charge,* I expect this to be around an hour, I hope to get a general feeling for the garden and where the project will go.

At the end of this visit there is no obligation on your part, if you are undecided if you want to take the next step. 

*if you are outside of my usual area small fee may be charged to cover travel/time expenses.

At this stage, often the fees for the next stages will be set, this just helps clarify the costs and avoids any confusion.


Site assessment & Measuring up

This is the point where the garden design starts, I will now asses and measure the site.

This will involve taking boundary measurements, measuring the placement of any existing plants, trees or other significant structures. 

A compass reading.

Any changes in height in the garden, will be measured if required.

I will need to know of any underground services, water, electric or gas etc.

If soil samples are required, these will be taken and sent for laboratory testing.

Additional fee for this service. (usually around £50)  

Sometimes two people are required to carry out this.   

At the end of this I will write up my findings, with a overview of the ideas we have discussed, this will be the design brief and the main reference for me going forward. 

Preliminary Concepts

I will use the information gathered at this point to come up with a design (quite often more than one design) to present to you, this could include a mood board to help bring to life some of the ides.

I hope this process will be done within 14days of the the site assessment.

Occasionally further visits to the garden maybe required.

This is where your garden starts to come alive, once I present you with this/these ideas and we can discuss the drawings , makes changes if needed, ready for the next step.

Pricing: Services

Masterplan & Design Detail

This is where I will refine the design, draw up a scale plan, look in detail at materials, if need construction plans will be drawn.

If the garden has certain features these will be highlighted and designs or pictures included.

3d drawings are very often included, these really help you to visualise the garden. 

This generally is the most time heavy part of designing a garden, the process can take a coupe of weeks, occasionally longer.

At the end of this stage you will have a blueprint for the garden, that will enable the garden to be built. 

mrs zeaside concept label_edited.jpg

Planting Plans

The planting plan is a drawing the shows the placement and numbers of plants in the garden.

The plants will either be represented by symbols or a numbered circle, the plan will come with a description sheet of all the plants.

Plants will be chosen carefully to really bring the design together with the original brief.  

How the plants will look in a few years time is also considered, I will also take into account the maintenance, who will be doing maintenance and their expertise.

Please note, a planting plan to go with a full design will cost less than standalone plan, and standalone plan will need additional work mapping the area to be planted whereas a plan for a full design will have already been measured as a part of the design process.

planting plan labled _edited.png

Project Monitoring & Construction

Once the final design has been drawn up and your ready to move on to the build process you have choices on how to proceed (highlighted here

If you wish me to manage the build, if using our in house team I will automatically manage the project.

The below list is applicable when the in house team build the garden, I will go through the same process. 

I will engage with the network of contractors.

I will arrange site meetings

Make sure contractors are aware of the correct materials to use as specified in the master plan 

Be available to answer any questions regarding the design

I will visit the garden as the work is being carried out, to make sure everything is going to plan

I will also look into any issues that are related to the design that may arise during the build.

I can also source, furniture, ornaments/statues, pots, planters and water features etc....

Pricing: Services

Garden consultancy and ideas session

Sometimes you might just be in need of someone looking at your garden with a fresh pair of eyes, or you wish to learn a little more about how to garden. Maybe you want to discuss the best way to achieve a certain goal, if so this service will suit you.

Areas covered...

  • Quick design session, doesn't include measuring up or any drawings, I will talk to you regarding the garden and any ideas I have, on how to make the best use of the existing garden.

  • Gardening advice, I will spend time with you in the garden and go through jobs you should consider and their timing, pruning advice and techniques, planting advice etc....

  • General garden round up, plant id, pruning advice, project guidance and tips on how to look after you garden

This service can be up to 4hours, split into two sessions if you wish (as long as they both happen in consecutive months or weeks) 

After leaving the garden if needed i will draw up a document highlighting what I have seen or we have discussed.

Garden Development

Garden development is a loner process and take many years depending on the project, please use the link below to find out more...

Pricing: Services
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