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The process

On initial contact, i will visit you and your garden to have a chat about where you would like the garden to go in terms of the end result. 

From here we can work together on a plan to achieve this goal, i understand a full overhaul to a garden is a big thing to do and can be a big financial outlay, working in stages can take some of this away, spreading the cost over a few years without compromising on quality of materials can be a great way to get the garden you want.

Stage one

Making plans.
After the initial visit I will look at planning how we will move forward to achieve the garden you want. 
I'll write up a plan, which will become the guide to the development depending on the garden this could be a simple page or a few pages with simple design ideas. 
We don't need to go in to great detail at this stage.

Garden Development: Services
flower bed abbots_edited.jpg

Stage two.

Once we have a plan on how to go forward we need to put a time scale to the project, being a development project this can be broken down into months or years.
Quite often if there is a part of the project that will make the biggest difference straight away or is likely to be the biggest in terms of cost, we would look at this first. 
This doesn't mean that particular project needs doing or fully completing straight away, but in the longer term we need to make sure it's construction etc. can be be done with causing destruction to previous work.
When we have things in order of completion, depending on what the particular project involves I will make a more detailed plan for each project. 

Stage three.

Detailed plans are essential for getting the garden right, from full design of a certain area or feature to a design for a patio area, getting the idea on paper makes it so much easier to work from, for a contractor it also makes it easier to give an accurate estimate for works. 
This can also include planting plans. Planting plans are brilliant to get the plant buying process right, and then it's essentially planting by numbers.... 

Garden Development: Services
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